Where Can I Find A Komodo Dragon Experience?

Komodo Dragon Experience – Do you have a family member that loves Komodo Dragons? Would they like to get up close and personal with a Komodo Dragon and learn all the Komodo Dragon facts, as well as feeding them, then you may want to consider an Komodo Dragon Experience, which is a perfect gift for your Komodo Dragon loving family member.

If you are wondering is there a Komodo Dragon experience near me, then check out these fabulous zoos and wildlife parks that offer a Komodo Dragon experience.

Komodo Dragon Experiences Near Me

Chester Zoo

Location : Chester CH2 1LE

This incredible experience will bring you closer to the world’s largest living lizard than ever before.

Enter a tropical habitat, and come face to face with this huge venomous lizard!

This unique experience will take you behind the scenes of the Dragons in Danger habitat, helping the keepers to create scent trails and other forms of enrichment like hiding or scattering food!

You’ll also help the keepers feed some of the other animals that can be found in this habitat too.

For further information about the Komodo Dragon experience at Chester Zoo click here

Crocodiles of the World

Location : Burford Rd, Brize Norton, Carterton OX18 3NX

The Komodo Dragon Experience gives you the opportunity to get up close to this giant lizard, helping to feed the animals their favourite snacks and learn about their way of life.

This unique experience is available on Mondays and Saturdays at 3pm and is limited to a maximum group size of 2.

For further information about the Komodo Dragon experience at Crocodiles of the World click here

London Zoo

Location : Outer Cir, London NW1 4RY

Ever wondered what it’s like to work with a Komodo dragon day to day? Now’s your chance to step into a keeper’s shoes and head behind-the-scenes for a unique experience.

Komodo dragons are the biggest lizards in the world and have looked exactly as they do for the past million years!

Experience what it’s like to be a Komodo dragon keeper for a morning and learn all about these incredible animals.

Arriving at 9 am before the Zoo opens, join one of the experienced Komodo dragon keepers as they take you through their morning routine, giving you personal insight and the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

You’ll get mucked in, lay a scent trail, and prepare one of only two big meals they have each month!

For further information about the Komodo Dragon experience at London Zoo click here

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