Bluebell Woods Leicestershire To Explore

Bluebell Woods Leicestershire – Looking for some stunning bluebell woods in Leicestershire, then check out our suggestions, there are some great bluebell walks Leicestershire to explore.

If you do find some amazing Leicestershire Bluebell Woods, remember to tread carefully and stick to the paths, so that the many Bluebell Wood Leicestershire continure to thrive and not be destroyed.

It is a criminal offence to dig up Bluebell flowers, so remember to leave Bluebell Walk Leicestershire alone for everyone to enjoy.

Bluebell Woods Leicestershire To Explore

Burroughs Wood

Location : Ratby, Hinckley LE6 0LF

Burroughs Wood in Ratby Hinckley is a wood of two halves linked by a public Right of Way. The northern section contains ancient woodland with a sea of bluebells in the spring – definitely worth visiting.

Charley Woods

Location : Warren Hills Road, Copt Oak, Leicestershire LE67 4UY

A combination of two ancient woodlands with an impressive display of bluebells in the spring. This reserve is divided into three parts, Burrow Wood, Cat Hill Wood and the field between them. The display of bluebells here in the spring is a real impressive sight and also attracts a variety of bird life.

Great Merrible Wood

Location : Harborough Hill Road, Stockerston, Oakham LE15 9JD

Bluebells, badgers and woodland birds: what more could you want from this beautiful woodland? Adjacent to Eye Brook Reservoir, the reserve is bursting with wildflowers, mammals and birds, and is the perfect place to enjoy a wander. 

Launde Woods

Location : Launde, Leicester, LE7 9XB

This ancient woodland is managed by the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and situated between Launde and Loddington in east Leicestershire and there is a circular walk through and around the wood.  There are a variety of ancient trees and bluebells cover the woodland floor as well as other wild plants. 

The Outwoods

Location : Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire

The Outwoods is 110 acres of ancient woodland to the north of Loughborough and is one of the oldest surviving woodland sites in Charnwood. Come at the right time in April/May and you’ll be amazed at the pretty sight of bluebells which carpet the ground. The Outwoods consists of a variety of different routes and walks, including an easy access path with a bird feeding station, and has a 24 hour car park for visitors.

Priors Coppice

Location : Braunston, Oakham LE15 8DB

A woodland reserve teeming with wildlife and ancient atmosphere, Prior’s Coppice is a relic of the wildwood that once covered all of Leicestershire and Rutland. When you step beneath the trees, you can feel how old this remnant of woodland is. Some of the trees are several hundred years old and centuries of management have led to an ideal habitat for birds, beasts and butterflies (and botanists!).

Rutland Water Nature Reserve

Location : Oakham LE15 8BT

The easiest place to get to is Barnsdale Woods. The woods can be best accessed by parking at Whitwell car park & following the footpath west towards the woods. Open every day now and is a great walk for your dogs as they can come off their leads here.

Swithland Woods

Location : Newtown Linford, Leicestershire

Swithland Wood is part of the Bradgate Estate and is managed by the Bradgate Park Trust. The wood covers an area of 170 acres and is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest and acknowledged as one of the best remnants of native woodland in Leicestershire and home to its fair share of traditional native bluebells.

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