Bluebell Woods Cambridgeshire To Explore

Bluebell Woods Cambridgeshire – Looking for some stunning bluebell woods in Cambridgeshire, then check out our suggestions, there are some great bluebell walks Cambridgeshire to explore.

If you do find some amazing Cambridgeshire Bluebell Woods, remember to tread carefully and stick to the paths, so that the many Bluebell Wood Cambridgeshire continue to thrive and not be destroyed.

It is a criminal offence to dig up Bluebell flowers, so remember to leave the Bluebell walk Cambridgeshire alone for everyone to enjoy.

Bluebell Woods Cambridgeshire To Explore

Beechwoods Nature Reserve

Location: Great Shelford, Cambridge CB22 3FB

Named as one of the best spots in the county to see wildlife, Beechwoods is a small yet impressive wood. Originally planted in the 1840s the woods are rife with plant life and more. The nature reserve is run by The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire and is part of the Cambridgeshire Chalk Living Landscape.

Brampton Wood

Location: Brampton Rd, Brampton, Saint Neots PE28 0DB

Brampton Woods is a beautiful area of natural beauty, and over 900 years old, it’s the second largest woods in Cambridgeshire,  You can always guarantee to find carpets of Bluebells at Brampton, alongside wildlife, trees and unusual species and there are loads of different walking routes along footpaths. The trees include aspen, oak, ash, field maple and birch, you may also want to look out for  primrose, water purslane, wood spurge, common spotted orchid and devil’s-bit scabious.

Cow Hollow Wood

Location: Waterbeach, Cambridge

This wood was planted by local people in 2000 to commemorate the turn of the Millennium. Trees include: Willow, ash, alder, birch, field maple and oak. Even though it is a relatively young woodland there is still plenty to explore all year around. It is also a significant wildlife habitat to many woodland creatures in the area.

Gamlingay Wood

Location: Gamlingay, Sandy SG19 3DH

Bluebells have been springing up ’round these parts for over 1000 years along with loads of other flora including pretty primroses and foxgloves. There are several different pathways and walking trails through the woods . A diversity of wildlife lives in Gamlingay wood including speckled and purple hairstreak butterflies, bats, hawks and woodpeckers. But be warned it can get very wet and muddy when it rains – so sensible shoes are advised.

Gamsey Wood

Location: Huntingdon PE28 5YX

Gamsey Wood is a 10 acre patch of ancient woodland, five miles south west of Ramsey, it is nestled in a working farm and managed by the the Wildlife Trust for Cambs and Beds so there’s lovely unspoilt bluebell patches as well as an abundance of butterflies. 

Grafham Water Reservoir

Location: Grafham Water Visitor Centre, Marlow Park, Grafham, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE28 0BH

Grafham Water has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest for over 30 years. The western end features a 280 acre nature reserve and is home to ancient woodlands, Perry West Wood being one of them. If you are specifically looking for bluebell woods, focus on the west side of Grafham Water and head to the ancient woodlands for a blanket of blue flowers.

Hardwick Wood

Location: 5 miles west of Cambridge

Hardwick wood has 15.5 hectares of medieval woodland for visitors to enjoy. It is an area of special scientific interest owing to its secret paths, hidden glades and singing birds. The wood is managed to allow for safe nesting for songbirds such as willow warblers and marsh tits, and is famed for its flowers and insects.

Hayley Wood

Location: Little Gransden, Cambridge CB23 2UR

There’s more than just bluebells in Hayley Woods, the ancient woodland is an ancient treasure trove of spring flowers and old trees. Hayley Wood is where one of Britain’s best known historical ecologists – Oliver Rackham – developed the concept of ancient woodland, its a great place to explore and covers 52 acres, so plenty of room to keep your distance!

Lady’s Wood

Location: 3 miles south west of Ramsey, Cambridgeshire

An ancient woodland filled with beautiful plants, insects and birds, currently closed due to waterlogging, but they hope to open shortly before the stunning display of bluebells appears.

Milton Country Park

Location: Cambridge Road, Milton, Cambs, CB24 6AZ

On the outskirts of Cambridge this is the perfect little getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Brilliant for walking your dog, or taking the kids for a bit of fresh air, there is plenty to get up to in Milton, and plenty of bluebells to spot.

Thorpe Wood

Location: Holywell Way, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

This well maintained ancient woodland is just outside Peterborough city centre and has so many bluebells that a section of woodland and a trail is named after them. It’s a great place for a family walk with the dog. 

Wandlebury Country Park

Location: Wandlebury Ring, Gog Magog Hills, Cambridge CB22 3AE

Just south of Cambridge, this beautiful countryside estate offers miles of wonderful walks through woodland and wildflower meadows grazed by Highland Cattle. A fantastic setting for a picnic or a BBQ, to watch wildlife, run around and build a den, a gentle stroll or a strenuous hike.  On the remains of a circular Iron Age Hillfort, steeped in myth and legend, and an 18th century house, stables and gardens. Wandlebury is a beautiful place to go and get lost for a few hours.

Waresley & Gransden Woods

Location: Waresley Road Waresley Cambridgeshire SG19 3RH

Fine ancient woodland, carpeted with oxlips, bluebells and violets in the spring. Waresley and Gransden Woods are adjoining ancient oak-ash woods, a woodland type that is restricted to lowland England. The site is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to its diverse flora, which is enriched by the underlying geology of the wood, a combination of Lower Greensand and Boulder Clay.

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