Snowdrop Walks London To Explore

Wondering where to find snowdrop flowers near me in London

During February and March each year there are lots of snowdrop woods London to see the snowdrop flowers bloom, a snowdrop field is a stunning sight

Snowdrops are a fairly easy plant to take care of and snowdrop bulbs multiply as the years go by, meaning you may eventually have your very own snowdrop garden, but until then, here are some of the best London snowdrop walks.

There are many gardens each year taking part in Snowdrop Walks and Snowdrop Walks National Trust during February and March, but some of them may not be open, for the latest updates and individual gardens that are open and taking part, check out the National Open Garden Scheme for London snowdrop weekends and snowdrop gardens near me and London snowdrop gardens to visit

Snowdrop Walks London

Chelsea Psychic Garden

Location : 66 Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4HS

Join us in heralding the first signs of spring as we reopen on Sunday 23 January 2022. Visit during a celebration of the earliest spring blooms, the coming of warmer weather and lighter days.

There will be a special Heralding Spring Trail, leading you around the Garden finding some of the many species of snowdrops and spring blooms growing here.

Follow the course of dainty white flowers weaving though London’s oldest botanic garden, and you will start to see why snowdrop collecting became so popular that the term Galanthophile (from Galanthus, or snowdrop) was coined to describe collectors of these plants.

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Eltham Palace

Location : Court Yard, London SE9 5QE

Eltham Palace, once a favoured medieval palace, then a Tudor royal residence, and finally transformed by eccentric millionaires Stephen and Virginia Courtauld, has 19 acres of award-winning gardens around the striking Art Deco mansion.

In the gardens, beyond the top of the moat, you’ll find smatterings of snowdrops as well as cyclamen, yellow aconites, primroses, sky-blue wood anemones and wine-coloured hellebores.

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Ham House

Location : Ham Street, Ham, Richmond TW10 7RS

Ham House, known for its lavish interiors and fine furniture, is just as pretty on the outside.

The 17th-century house, the creation of the Duke and Duchess of Lauderdale, sits on the banks of the river Thames in Richmond and is one of the grandest Stuart houses in England.

Snowdrops can be found under the very old Acacia trees. Seek out the hellebores and winter aconites too.

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Kew Gardens

Location : Kew, Richmond, London, TW9 3AE

There are a whopping 300 acres to explore at London’s famous botanic gardens.

But, if it’s snowdrops you’re after be sure to make a beeline for the Rock Garden and the futuristic-looking Davies Alpine House where you’ll find the precious white flowers.

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Morden Hall Park

Location : Morden Hall Rd, London, Morden SM4 5JD

Winter is a great time to enjoy the open spaces offered by Morden Hall Park for frosty mornings on the wetland boardwalk and brisk walks in the wide open spaces of the South Park.

To find early snowdrops in bloom, head for the arboretum at the far end of the rose garden from mid-to-late January.

One of the most beautiful aspects of Morden Hall Park is the sheer number of trees – head in any direction to discover magnificent specimen trees and pockets of woodland.

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Myddelton House Gardens

Location : Myddelton House Gardens, Enfield EN2 9HG

Myddelton House Gardens, the home of renowned gardener and botanist Edward Augustus Bowles from 1865 to 1954, was salvaged from disrepair with a Heritage Lottery Fund in 2011.

Now, it is well known for its snowdrops. To spot them in their full white-carpet glory, head to the Alpine Meadow.

Usually, towards the end of January, Myddelton House will host a snowdrop sale with several nurseries selling common and rare varieties of the plant.

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Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Location : Southern Grove, London E3 4PX

In an old nineteenth-century cemetery, this park is the only woodland in Tower Hamlets and right now it’s about to be filled with torrents of snowdrops.

These include common varieties and some rarer blooms such as the giant snowdrop and the green snowdrop as well as different kinds of snowflake flowers. Seeing these pure petals pop up between the gravestones is a sight to behold.

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