Where Can I Go Apple Picking in Iowa?

Apple Picking Iowa – Iowa Apple picking season is between July and October, so it’s the perfect time for the family to get outdoors and visit some of the Iowa Apple farms.

If you have not been Apple picking in Iowa before, then check out these Apple Orchards in Iowa and see if there are any Iowa Apple Orchards near me for some tasty Iowa Apples.

But be quick as the Apple picking season Iowa doesn’t last long, although there are always other choices of fruit picking in Iowa, if the Apple season Iowa has finished, check out berry picking in Iowa

Check out all the amazing Iowa Apple Orchards :

Best Apple Picking Iowa Has To Offer

Iowa Orchard

13140 NW 102nd Ave, Granger, IA 50109

Apple picking starts in early September and goes through mid-October at Iowa Orchard.

Apple and sunflower picking in Granger is available in early September through mid-October.

Please visit the website for further details

Wilson’s Orchard

4823 Dingleberry Rd NE #1, Iowa City, IA 52240

Established in 1980, Wilson’s Orchard & Farm is a pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farm located just a few miles North of Iowa City.

Visit the farm to pick-your-own strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, and pumpkins.

Please visit the website for further details

Center Grove Orchard

32835 610th Ave, Cambridge, IA 50046

Pick apples, get lost in a corn maze, befriend animals, enjoy a great meal, and more at Center Grove Orchard.

Please visit the website for further details

Berry Patch Farm

62785 280th St, Nevada, IA 50201

Berry Patch Farm grows strawberries, raspberries, vegetables, apples, and more.

You can get Berry Patch goodies from the farm, at markets, and through CSAs (community supported agriculture).

Please visit the website for further details

Hinegardner’s Orchard

1348 295th St, Montour, IA 50173

This orchard has 22 varieties of apples available starting with Harvest Apples called Lodi through Winesap.

The varieties ripen at different times with the Lodi apples beginning to ripen around the 1st of September to the Winesap that ripens around the 1st week of October.

Please visit the website for further details

Deal’s Orchard

1102 244th St, Jefferson, IA 50129

For over 100 years the Deal family has been committed to growing quality apples.

Deal’s Orchard has over 40 acres of apple trees with 25+ different varieties.

Not sure which variety is right for you? Just ask their apple experts who will be happy to guide you in the right direction or give you a sample.

Please visit the website for further details

Storybook Orchard

12832 Royal Orchard Dr, Story City, IA 50248

Storybook Orchard is an urban farm with Iowa homegrown apples, flowers, and pumpkins.

Please visit them on social media for further details

Upstream Gardens and Orchard

5987 NE 88th St, Altoona, IA 50009

There is never an admission fee to come out and look around. If you spend any money, you’ll be taking something home with you.

The gardens produce and sell healthy food in a relaxed country environment.

Please visit the website for further details

Wills Family Orchard

33130 Panther Creek Rd, Adel, IA 50003

Wills Family Orchard will have apples available for both u-pick and purchase in their on-farm store.

They will start harvesting our early apples beginning the first week of August and end their harvest with their fall varieties around mid-October.

Please visit the website for further details

Appleberry Orchard

2469 Highway 2 , Donnellson, Iowa 52625

Enjoy fresh apples, tasty treats, and Fall Fun in season.

Join Appleberry Orchard this fall for another family fun season of exciting activities, and great family memories.

Please visit the website for further details

Ditmars Orchard

19475 225th St, Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Ditmars Orchard has expanded to include our own vineyard, wine, pumpkin patch and a focus on specialty food items that you can’t find anywhere else.

They are your “go to” place for apples, pumpkins, and fall family fun as they continue their tradition.

Please visit the website for further details

Little Sioux Orchard

2618 160th Ave, Milford, IA 51351

Stop in to the apple barn when you arrive to learn about the day’s activities and to purchase one of 3 sizes of apple picking bags.

Each variety has a different season so the staff will help you find the right place to pick the best fruit.

Please visit the website for further details

Small’s Fruit Farm

1844 194th St, Mondamin, IA 51557

Small’s Fruit Farm has 25 different varieties of apples here on the farm.

They have sweet and sour, crisp and soft, eating and baking.

Please visit the website for further details

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