Have You Been Alpaca Walking in Liverpool?

Looking for a great, family fun activity that gets you out and about with some super cute, fluffy animals, how about alpaca walks in Liverpool.

There are a number of great Alpaca walks Liverpool has to offer, check out the local alpaca farm Liverpool for a great alpaca walk in Liverpool.

Best Alpaca Walking Liverpool Has To Offer

Artemis Alpacas

Location : Yew Tree Farm, Lower Road, Halewood, Liverpool L26 3UA

Walking with the alpacas is a one hour experience, where participants can experience the beauty of the local surroundings alongside the animals.

The walk will begin with a mandatory Health and Safety briefing to ensure everyone knows how to stay safe with their Alpaca during the experience.

This will be followed by an introduction to Alpacas with information about where they originate, what their diet is like, their fleece and some other titbits most people don’t know!

Then alpaca walkers will spend a few moments getting to know their alpaca, feeding some treats and getting ready to walk!

The walk will last around 45 minutes, however alpacas are quite curious animals and may want to explore their surroundings. There will be some extra time if required for taking photos and giving snacks.

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Oakmere Alpacas

Location : Newpool Farm, Cheese Hill Ln, Oakmere WA6 8LF

Your Alpaca walking experience will begin with a quick health and safety briefing with one of the experienced handlers.

You will also have the opportunity to learn all about where alpacas come from and what makes them so unique.

Next they will demonstrate how to lead the animals and once you have been partnered up with your new alpaca chum your trekking experience will begin.

Don’t worry there will be plenty of stops along the way for those all important alpaca selfies.

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Walton Hall Gardens Walk An Alpaca

Location : Walton Lea Rd, Higher Walton, Warrington WA4 6SN

Walk an alpaca and join Mally, Jim and Topaz, the three amigos on these ever popular alpaca walks. Take in the beautiful Cheshire estate, while enjoying the company of the beautiful alpaca.

You’ll start off with a brief talk about alpaca’s and introduce you to the three boys.

The rangers will then demonstrate how to catch the alpaca and then you’ll take them on a walk around the park with opportunities for photographs!

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